HRT worked another HOT day at the ponds this Saturday cleaning up the Water Control Devices (WCD) so that the annual flooding can begin. The weatherman chopped 7 degrees off of the predicted high so we could get the job done. It was a cool 98 degrees F. ALL RIGHT!
The ponds are being re-contoured by BLM in hopes of getting a better match for what the migrating water foul need.
HRT cleared out the foliage that was blocking the large valves and the concrete boxes used to control the water depth. At the end of the season, BLM and DU will remove the gates in the boxes to return the unused water to the Cosumnes River. We don’t waste a drop of this valuable resource. We are the best.
PS, If anyone out there has any air conditioned personal protection equipment we would greatly appreciate it.

Wetland Clean Up 8-26-2017

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