sidebarThere are a few ways you can volunteer your time, work and money to do your part in keeping the Preserve running.

You can become a Volunteer Naturalist which staff the Visitor center on weekends, lead nature walks, guide paddling tours, conduct outreach events and other activities. For more information please  contact our Outreach Coordinator for information.

You can join our Habitat Restoration Team, become an environmental steward and help to maintain and restore the Preserve’s natural resources. These teams work alongside Preserve staff on focused conservation projects that allow members to experience more of the Preserve and contribute to its success. Team members may take advantage of specialized trainings, workshops, and events that are designed to help volunteers become more effective environmental stewards. Working on a Habitat Restoration Team is an opportunity to gain practical work experience in restoration and land management while helping to advance the Preserve’s goals to provide sustainable habitats for Central Valley plants and wildlife. The Habitat Restoration Team (HRT) is an opportunity like none other; open to those who are looking to be devoted environmental stewards. HRT assists Preserve staff with focused conservation projects that allow members to experience some of the most natural and rugged parts of the Preserve. They venture off at least twice a month to complete a variety of projects using a variety of tools, from loppers and shovels to weed whackers and chainsaws. Specialized trainings and workshops are offered to HRT volunteers. This  activity allows members to grow personally, as well as offering practical work experience for future natural resource management professionals. If you’re interested in joining up, you can contact our site coordinator, or fill out the application form below.

Or you could attend one of our Public Restoration Days, where the public is invited into normally closed areas of the Preserve to help clear up and maintain the Preserve. These days give you great opportunities to get your hands dirty and actually make an impact on your local environment, and are ideal for scouts or students looking for service-leaning hours. If you’d like to participate, then grab some closed-toe shoes, long pants, and a long-sleeve shirt, and come to the Preserve Barn at 6500 Desmond Road, a short distance from the Visitor Center, on a scheduled day. Workdays begin at 9:00 a.m. and work continues until 3:30 PM, regardless of weather. For more information, contact our site coordinator.


The schedule for Public Restoration Days can be found here.


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