Who owns the Preserve?

Cosumnes River Preserve is unique. It is not owned by one organization, but rather is made up of a cooperative partnership between 10 different partners. To learn more about the history and each of the partners, click “About” on the menu.

Where can I go on the Preserve?

Visitor use at the Preserve is concentrated on two developed trails and the Visitor Center to limit disturbance to the habitats and wildlife species. There are regularly scheduled guided walks, paddles, and bird surveys that may visit other places on the Preserve as well. Please stay on the trails and obey all rules. And remember, no trespassing!

Can I bring my pet to the Preserve?

Domestic pets (dogs, cats, etc.) and horses are not allowed on the Preserve.

Can I ride my bike on the trails?

The trails on the Preserve are intended for walking only. Please lock up your bike at the Visitor Center.

What should I bring to the Preserve?

It is important to be prepared when you come to the Preserve. Be sure to bring with you plenty of drinking water (no potable water at Preserve), insect repellent, binoculars, sunscreen, and a trash bag to haul out your own trash.

Can I take home a feather or rock I found on the trail?

Collecting is not allowed on the Preserve. Please leave rocks, feathers, plants, and animals as you found them so that others may enjoy them as well. If you want to take home a souvenir, Cosumnes River Preserve t-shirts and note cards are available for purchase at the Visitor Center during normal open hours.

Help prevent a fire

Not only can cigarettes create more litter, but they can cause fires. Smoking, and fires are not permitted on the Preserve for the safety of the wildlife and visitors.

Can I camp? 

Camping is not permitted on the Preserve for the safety of the wildlife and visitors.

Can I hunt or fish on the Preserve?

Hunting, fishing, and camping are not allowed at the Preserve. It is legal to fish or hunt from a boat in the river, a state navigable waterway, but not from the land. You must have the proper licenses and may only hunt or fish during the proper seasons.

If you have any questions not listed here, please reach out to info@cosumnes.org.