Rules on Hunting and Fishing at Cosumnes River Preserve

In general, there is no hunting allowed in the core area of the Preserve because it is not compatible with our public use and wildlife protection objectives. Hunting and fishing are allowed on the river and in the sloughs, but hunters and fishermen must stay in their boats (no bank fishing/hunting). It is legal to fish or hunt from a boat in the river, a state navigable waterway, but only during the proper seasons and with the proper licenses.

Organized Hunts

For several years we have permitted limited-entry waterfowl hunts for youth and mobility-impaired hunters.  These hunts generally have been very successful and we would like to continue providing this hunting opportunity at the Preserve. You can learn more about these special hunts through the Department of Fish and Wildlife (linked in next sentence). Check out the Bureau of Land Management or Department of Fish & Wildlife websites for other places that permit hunting.