Porta Potty Patter

HRT does whatever it takes to protect and develop habitat.  During the 35 days of the Federal Government shutdown, The Cosumnes River Preserve was crowded with visitors and the toilets were locked and unavailable.  BLM is part of the Federal Government so they locked up everything they have control of.  That included the two “vault toilets” in the upper parking lot of the Visitor Center.  TNC, however, is a private nonprofit and TNC owns half

Waterbirds and Transmission Lines

Waterbirds and Transmission Lines

Saturdays Habitat Restoration Team’s workday had Alex Cabrera’s fingerprints all over it.  With the mantra “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” embedded in Alex’s character and TNC’s soul, HRT straightened eight windblown Cottonwoods along the edge of one of our large ponds.  This was not an issue of esthetics but a real big safety concern.  Not for the safety of the humans that frequent The Cosumnes River Preserve but for the large migrating waterfoul that come to

Wasps Water and Windex

Wasps Water and Windex

Wasps Water and Windex HRT is always looking for a low impact environmental solution to an environmental problem. We don’t want to destroy the forest while we’re trying to fix it.  Last August while we were cleaning out invasive alien plants, we got chased out by a hive of aggressive ground dwelling wasps as we entered their territory. They got in a few licks. We got stung.  We applied cold ice water bottles to the

Invasives Removal 11-04-18

Invasives Removal  11-04-18

Invasives Removal Invasive plant workdays begin weeks before we actually remove the plants.  Staff and volunteers will “Flag” the aliens for removal when they are more easily identified. We found a few alien plums that had been flagged for removal and a lot of plums that had not.  We also found an oak tree seedling that outgrew its browse protector and needed rescuing. When we got to the site, Alex told us what we’re up

Chainsaw Training With HRT 9-8-18

Chainsaw Training With HRT  9-8-18

Chainsaw Training with HRT   9-8-18 Last week Allison fixed her Ipod Classic music player, at home, all by herself.  This week she learned how to fix a chainsaw, at the Cosumnes River Preserve, with her friends. Allison wanted to expand her horizons and HRT wanted her to lean everything.  The “all day” chainsaw safety and maintenance class was free because The Nature Conservancy wants its volunteers to be safe and it wants them to be