Invasives Removal

Invasive plant workdays begin weeks before we actually remove the plants.  Staff and volunteers will “Flag” the aliens for removal when they are more easily identified.

We found a few alien plums that had been flagged for removal and a lot of plums that had not.  We also found an oak tree seedling that outgrew its browse protector and needed rescuing.

When we got to the site, Alex told us what we’re up against and we suite up.


Mattie and Paul took the big loppers and a hand saw into the thicket to clear the way for the chainsaws.

Robin took the pole saw to cut the “out of reach” stuff

while the rest of us cleared the way for chainsaws and herbicide applicators.

As we were finishing up and putting our tools in the flatbed, we were swarmed by a mass of ladybugs looking for a home; As Vic treated us to a natural history lesson on one of our most destructive aliens, the Osage orange.

The last time that we worked this area we were greeted by unfriendly insects.  That didn’t go so well, but that’s another story.

Invasives Removal 11-04-18

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