Chainsaw Training with HRT   9-8-18

Last week Allison fixed her Ipod Classic music player, at home, all by herself.  This week she learned how to fix a chainsaw, at the Cosumnes River Preserve, with her friends.

Allison wanted to expand her horizons and HRT wanted her to lean everything.  The “all day” chainsaw safety and maintenance class was free because The Nature Conservancy wants its volunteers to be safe and it wants them to be competent. To encourage attendance, TNC provided a continental breakfast and a hot Mexican lunch.

A lot of tasks are involved in the removal of invasive alien plants; and, the more our volunteers know how to do, the more flexible and effective they are.  Everyone on the HRT, that’s willing to operate a chainsaw, has to take this annual refresher class in addition to the one time, two day certification course (S212 Wild Land Fires Chainsaws).  All of this is paid for by The Nature Conservancy.

After a morning of lectures and demonstrations, we break for lunch.  Then it’s out in the field to practice what we learned under the watchful eye of our leader Alex Cabrera.  You don’t fully appreciate how important safety is until you’re operating that loud and dusty saw with folks all around you.  That is when it becomes obvious how vital it is to have someone clearing away the falling branches and pointing out the possible hazards.  It really does take a team effort to do the job safely and efficiently. Besides all of that, it’s fun.

The Morning Welcoming Committee

Class Begins

Chainsaw Equipment

Safety Equipment

Don’t Cut With The Nose of The Chainsaw

Hold the Saw With Your Foot With the Saw on the Ground

Or Stabilize the Saw With Your Knees While Starting It

Check the Chain Tension

Wear Protection

Don’t Do This

The Chainsaw’s Sprocket

The “On Site” Training Location

Trimming The Encroaching Forest

The Cuttings Go Back to the Forest

Allison Sending the Branch Back For Mulch

The Forest Offers up Goodies to Those Who Help

Allison Accepts The Offer

Chainsaw Training With HRT 9-8-18

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