The Habitat Restoration Team paid another visit to the Valensin property last Saturday, the 28th.  TNC purchased this degraded rangeland a few years ago and is in the process of restoring it to its native best.  Alex Cabrera took the HRT there to remove the invasive non-native trees in preparation for replanting natives.  This place looks so bad that anything you do there makes you feel like you’re on the first day of its recovery.

Habitat Restoration Team descend on the degraded pastureland

At the beginning of each workday, Alex reviews the safety precautions.

Alex Cabrera (the Boss) reviews safety

This dry field requires extra vigilance due to the proximity to highway 99 and our gas-powered chainsaws. It made us nervous when the neighboring rancher rose a dust cloud tilling his field.

Dust cloud makes a good imitation of a fire.

Mike and Chau suit up before they face the trees.  Joe, Pete, Richard, and Robin did the branch removal and herbicide spraying and safety watch.

Pete’s first day on the team

Some of the aliens we treated last year survived the herbicide and had to be cut to the ground.

The alien invasive Tree of Heaven gets a second treatment by HRT
Halfway there
Last step
Precision tree fall by Mike

Before we cleaned up for the day I took a parting shot of hazards the aliens presented us.

Locust tree thorns
Locust tree makes a natural fish hook

And a look at the ancient water tower that I personally hope will be left standing when we are all through restoring this site.

Antique water tower

Maybe we can convince BLM to create one of their inviting waterfowl stopovers when we’re done with the vegetation restoration.  Anyone out there listening?  Just a thought.

Waterfowl utilize BLM’s newly modified ponds.


Valensin property gets another Restoration treatment

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