Saturday found The Habitat Restoration Team working at the Valensin ranch again.  The visibility on this cool winter day was SO GOOD you could see the snow in the Sierras.  Like I said,  “You get to see things you can’t experience on the Lower Preserve”.

We have to shuttle our crew and equipment over to highway 99 to reach the Valensin ranch but it only takes about 15 minutes.  After we get there, Alex goes over the tasks for the day,  reviews safety and pairs the new volunteers with the “old timers”.

Grace and Justus made themselves proud hauling away pieces of downed alien trees.

And, Pete came back today to do it all over again after working with the Team last workday. All right Pete.

I wont say a word about Mahlon carrying heavy logs in his old age.  His smile tells it all.  I think that’s the main reason the old timers come out every month.  They love to show off.

Valensin Opens a Surprise Horrizon

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