(Lynx Rufus)

Researched and written by Preserve Volunteer, Emily Anderson

What are they? The bobcat is a medium-size cat around 1.5-2 feet tall and weighing up to 30 pounds. They are natives in North America. Most bobcats are brown or reddish-brown. They have a white tummy, tufted ears and most noticeably, a cut-off or “bobbed” tail. Hence, its name!

Where do they live? Ranging from Mexico to Canada, these creatures are resilient in many climates including several types of forestland, coastal swamps, mountains, and deserts. They are lone and nocturnal creatures who typically sleep in dens, such as crevices in rocks or hollowed trees They often have many dens within their home range.

What do they eat? The diet of a bobcat is vast. It can hunt and kill prey much larger than itself such as deer or domesticated dogs. Most commonly, these cats eat smaller animals like rodents, birds, reptiles and most popularly rabbits and hares (pictured). Bobcats stalk and pounce on prey, with a pounce that can cover up to 10 feet!

Threats against Bobcats: Some enemies of the bobcat are mountain lions, coyotes, and wolves. Unfortunately, the biggest threat of all is humans. They are hunted and trapped for their fur and even taken from the wild to be kept as pets or for entertainment.

Fun facts!

+Bobcats can live up to 15 years in the wild.

+They typically do not meow but rather make bird-like chirps.

+Bobcats can run up to 30 miles per hour!

+Male bobcat’s territory overlaps several females. However, female bobcat’s territories never overlap with other females.

All About the Bobcat