Part of our work here at The Preserve is creating barriers.  Barriers to poachers.  There are mean and naughty people out there that want to take pieces of The Preserve home with them.  The Habitat Restoration Team starts with a temporary “Band-Aid” in the form of barbed wire.

Sometimes, before we get this far we have to repair a vandalized gate or fence so that we’re able to make something permanent.

After we get all of that sorted out, we begin the process of putting something “Natural” in place, letting Mother Nature take over.  Her barriers are much prettier.  If we plant California Wild Roses in and around the fences, it looks a lot better and if planted thick enough, it does the job.

In one field, we did a saturation planting of Buttonwillows right in front of a fence.

This Saturday, the 9th of December, The Habitat Restoration Team will be planting California Wild Rose again in a sensitive location to discourage trespassers and poachers.  It’s a nice technique and it works.


Organic Barriers Replace Barbed Wire

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