What appears to be a guarantee that funding will be more reliable from The Land and Water Conservation Fund, comes a caveat.  The department of the Interior has to allocate that money.  I remember that back in the 1980s Secretary of the Interior James Watt withheld all of the funding from that pot of money.  Mr. Watt made it his mission to dismantle the Land and Water Conservation Fund.  As a result of his management, nothing was spent on the environment from this fund.  Instead, the resources were funneled back into the General National Budget for other purposes.  Mr. Watt was known as an “anti-environmentalist” for his efforts to re-prioritize the uses of Federal monies and redirect them to enhance extraction activities.  For more information on Interior Secretary, look up James Watt at “Wikipedia”.

The bottom line is to continue your “grass roots” activities, whatever they might be, and don’t rely on the Government to do things for you.  One of the many reasons why I volunteer for The Nature Conservancy instead of just giving money to environmental groups is to ensure that my interests in protecting Mother Nature are realized.  So that is my “soap Box” and I’m good with that.

Joe Watson gets his feet wet volunteering for The Nature Conservancy

Land and Water Conservation Fund made permanent

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