It was a good day for setting willow and cottonwood cuttings.  We were working in the shelter of The Barn so the wind didn’t bother us much.  It did, however, add a bit of interest to the workday.

Before we went to work, Alex described how he wanted to plant the cuttings and keep them watered while they set roots.  Later on this week we will add mosquito fish to our man-made pond so the mosquitos don’t take over the barn.

We set about 500 pots with half of them in Black Willows and half in Cottonwoods.

While all of this was going on,  Vic replaced all of the worn cutters on the big mower with Ricks help.

The rest of the day was spent planting about 1,000 small tube pots with grass seeds and I will post that job later.


Just another day at the office for HRT

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