The Habitat Restoration Team is just DRIVEN to doing stuff and fixing things.  So, I’m not surprised that when a team member (Robin) saw a canoe full of water chained up under the porch of the Visitor Center, he found and handed a bucket for Tom to bail the water out with.

We didn’t even get to the classroom before we found a problem to solve that we couldn’t walk away from.  Tom and Joe bailed the rain water out and inverted the canoe so that the rainwater would run off and not fill up the canoe.  It wasn’t much work but at least we got to do something before we sat down for the whole day getting reeducated.

Alix Cabrera guided us through the lesson plan till we got it and then, he made us talk about it, find relevance to our work on The Preserve and then……take a test.  I think he had fun doing that to us.  He was smiling.

It isn’t easy to keep 10 antsy hyper people focused and guide them through all of that stuff, but he pulled it off.

Probably,  the fact that he brought goodies to eat before the class and his homemade Mexican veggie&meat tortilla wrap for lunch had something to do with his persuasiveness.

Now we are good to go until the middle of April when we take the fire safety training class.  Maybe we can recycle that canoe water for that one.



Annual Herbicide Application Training

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