Alex Cabrera Lectures the HRT
A dozen volunteers showed up for the all day class this Saturday to learn that the chemicals we use at The Preserve are less toxic than coffee and Tylenol.
LD50’s for pesticides and household items
I think that means I will have to wear rubber gloves and a face mask the next time I drink a cup for coffee and take a pill for a headache.  Then we had to endure a complementary Nature Conservancy hot breakfast of pastries, tamales, and black bean salad.  I guess I will be back next Winter to do it all over again.
Tamales and black bean salad
Seriously though,  it's reassuring to be reminded of the precautions and the reasoning behind the safety procedures we follow in order to do our work.
Class outline
Alex and several of the staff members at the Cosumnes Preserve are licensed to use the chemicals we apply to the weeds we are trying to control, the authority to teach their proper use, and to supervise their application.  So when you see us out and about, slaving away in the hot sun, you will understand why Alex is just walking around watching us toil away with those little squirt bottles. 
Joe kills alien weeds one at a time
Pesticide Training 2020

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