The Barn ponds were showing a spectacular flower show for Saturday’s work day. That was good because it was Marissa’s first day with HRT.

Marissa’s path of thistle destruction

We keep telling folks that you get to see parts of The Preserve that the general public can’t get to; And, it is gorgeous out there.

The Barn ponds are presently cycling through the dry down phase of a seasonal wetland. The water bodies coursing through them are just bucolic. Part of my job, obviously, is to document the life of The Cosumnes River Preserve and the volunteers that do all of that work. So I don’t feel even a bit guilty when I throw down my gloves and take a few pictures.

Brass Buttons



We were actually working while we ogled the flowers. There were tons of the invasive milk thistle that could only be reached when the ponds are drying out;

Mike Todd and Jeff Phipps

And, they have to removed before they flower or their little fluffy wind carried seeds will be everywhere. We are talking millions and millions so you can bet we were driven to get them out of here now.

4-13-19 Thistle Removal in The Barn Ponds

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