Someone was seriously injured by entering an “Area Closed” section of the Willow Slough trail adjacent to a train trestle. Although the zone was clearly marked, the subject was found under that trestle behind the sign. Alex was upset and determined to make it as difficult as possible for anyone to ignore the signage and climb up onto the trestle. The first order of business was to put a new chain in the saw. Alex

Battling Plants and Persistent Volunteers

Saturday was supposed to be a Pokeweed removal day but, it got complicated in a hurry. What we found when we got to the site was a stand of poison hemlock hiding in a hedge of poison oak. The poison oak is a native plant that provides browse for deer during times of scarcity and berries for birds to supplement the other fruits that they eat. For humans, well forget all that. When this happens,

Pollution: Three Personal Windows. 1957 1997 2017

Pollution: Three Personal Windows. 1957 – 1997 – 2017 In 1957: Betty Watson worked for an American company in Cambodia, making a two lane packed gravel road out of a foot path for oxcarts and elephants. This is where she began her sojourn into wildlife rescue and where she witnessed the local women washing their newborns in the same canals that their neighbors washed their water buffalos in. There was no “clean” water available for

Plastic Polluntants, A Different Perspective

Everyone knows that everyone is contributing to the plastic pollution of our planet. A five month study in the Pyrenees between France and Spain found that 365 pieces of micro plastic (pieces less than one fifth of an inch long) fell on every square meter (one square meter is roughly one square yard) of land every day. That level of fallout in what appears to be a remote site lets you know how pervasive the

Hot Mustard, Hot Radishes & Hot Wildfires 4-28-19

Just when you think that things couldn’t get any stranger, The Habitat Restoration Team spent the day in a brute force attack on nonnative Mustard (Brassica nigra) and Radishes (Raphanus sativus). These alien species play a big role in the wildfire hazzards of California. They also play a large role in HRT’s efforts to reestablish our native habitats. As HRT removes nonnatives from the landscapes and replaces them aliens with native plants, we have to