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How many students do you think are actually learning the content of learning?

All of this is the basis of the concept of B. Bloom's concept that 95%
students will internalize all of the content of and learning when the time frame is removed and the learning approach is appropriate.
Features of the concept of full assimilation of knowledge of students, according to Bloom:
- Capturing learning outcomes at a high level, mandatory for all students;
- differences in learning outcomes will be noticed beyond this overall high outcome;
- the teacher must be imbued with the idea that all his students are capable of fully reading and assimilating the required learning material, and it is his responsibility to organize the learning process.
The methodology is as follows:
1. the exact definition of the criterion of full assimilation for the whole
1. an exact definition of the criterion of full assimilation for the whole class, for the whole course, on the basis of which the teacher will make a list of specific learning results, which should be achieved.
Tests are made on this basis.
2. Learning units, i.e. holistic sections of and
of taught material. Then their results are identified again.
assimilation, current tests are made (which do not affect the final assessment). The purpose of these tests is correctional (for
for a teacher).
Teaching each of these units in the direction of
full assimilation. Then testing again. Assessment of completeness of assimilation of material for the whole course.
It is important to explain to each student the meaning of assessment,
as well as the learning objectives.
In the book Taxonomy of Educational Goals, B. Bloom suggests the following categories of goals:
- Knowledge,
- comprehension,
- application,
- analysis,
- assessment.
The intensive development of the abilities of average and weak students is the main point of Bloom's concept.
Actually, there is no hard line between different theories, concepts, paradigms.
What is "knowledge"? That is, those who give knowledge do not know what knowledge is.
Knowledge is facts, concepts, rules, principles, patterns, laws, ideas, theories.
Here the constituents are distributed according to the degree of generalization of
There is an opinion that in Australia, Belgium, USA, Korea the effectiveness of such a system justifies itself in grades 5-8
grades. In mass experiments in the Republic of Korea of
70% of students achieved such high results,
as with the conventional system - in 10% of students. The concept has been most actively used in
Estonia. But the paradigm of developmental learning came into conflict with the concept of rationalism. Therefore Estonians combined something into one whole, adding to the rationalistic concept the possibility of developmental activity. And they began to talk about compulsory minimum knowledge, especially in the humanities. And the Estonians limited the learning time. Achievement increased by 60 percent

What is the meaning of learning in life?
On what is based the upbringing and education of the individual.
Why is the scientific function of pedagogy a prescriptive and regulatory one?
Why the student must obey the teacher.
Why does television have
a damaging effect on the intellect

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