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G FUEL Energy has revealed the Naruto Miso Ramen flavor the company announced as an April Fools prank is actually in production, with pre-orders being available. 

Since its introduction in 2012, G FUEL Energy has taken over the esports world by providing sponsorships to organizations like FaZe Clan and big-name content creators like NICKMERCS and xQc.

In 2021, the company shocked fans by announcing ‘Sanic Chili Dogs’ — an internet meme inspired play on their existing partnership with Sonic The Hedgehog — that actually was released.

G FUEL is back at it again this year with Miso Ramen, their second Naruto-inspired flavor, and it’s officially up for pre-order for those who signed up for the waitlist on April 1.

G FUEL actually creates Naruto Miso Ramen flavor

On April 1, 2022, the official G FUEL Twitter account download game naruto offline revealed the first-ever energy drink that tastes like Naruto’s favorite food: Miso Ramen. This collaboration came just weeks after they released Sage Mode, a pomelo white peach flavor in a partnership with the anime series.

Alongside the flavor reveal, they opened up an early access waitlist for those looking to buy the potential product. While the tweet says: “This is not an April Fools Day joke btw,” fans were still skeptical about the release.

On April 4, G FUEL revealed that fans who signed up for the early access waitlist can begin making their purchase — placing the final nail needed to confirm that they’re producing the April Fools prank flavor for the second year in a row.

Up for grabs is the company’s infamous collectors box covered in Naruto Shippuden artwork similar to the tub of powder, with a matching 12oz shaker displaying Naruto holding a bowl of Miso Ramen.

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