How Well Do You Know Cosumnes River Preserve?

Answer these questions to find out how well you know the Cosumnes River Preserve's history, flora, and fauna!

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What is Cosumnes River Preserve?

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The Preserve is owned and managed by a cooperative partnership. How many cooperators are there?

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The Visitor Center is located along which road?

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Which kind of Sandhill Cranes can you find at the Preserve?

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Which type of oak tree is most commonly found along the River Walk and Wetlands Walk Trails?

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True or False: The wetlands at the Preserve are both natural and managed.

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Check the correct names of the 3 hiking trails at Cosumnes River Preserve.

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Name the plant that the Miwok people who originally inhabited the Preserve utilize as a decongestant, headache relief, and a way to relieve the rash from poison oak.

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What year was the Cosumnes River Preserve officially established?

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True or False: The Cosumnes River Preserve does not include land used for farming.

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The nonnative blackberry bush that grows commonly at Cosumnes River Preserve is called...

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True or False: The Preserve has a canoe/kayak launch that is open to the public.

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What percentage of the total valley oak riparian forest that existed in the late 1800s still remains today?

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The Cosumnes River flows west into which river?

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What is the best way to support Cosumnes River Preserve and keep it protected?

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