Trail Conditions


Parking Areas: OPEN

Restrooms: Upper parking lot (Open)/Boardwalk parking lot (Open)

REMINDER: Pets are not allowed at the Preserve.

River Walk Trail: Partially Open. Access to the Savannah and Earth Sea Loop is closed due to flooding.

Wetlands Walk Trail:  Open, some parts of the trail are currently under a 1/2 inch of water. Please take precautions.

Boardwalk Trail: OPEN!

Please keep in mind that the bridges going over Willow Slough can become very slippery when wet or icy. Please walk slowly and with caution.

Sandhill Cranes and Other Migratory Birds

The Sandhill Cranes are currently at the Preserve.

Sandhill cranes begin to arrive in late September/early October.

You’ll likely start seeing them in the wetlands near the trails in mid-October.

The height of the Sandhill crane season is December. During February and early March cranes will likely be leaving in groups. By mid-March, they are generally gone.

To view a map of common places to view cranes at Cosumnes River Preserve, click here.

The ponds in the wetlands are flooded on a rotational basis to meet the needs of migrating waterfowl. To learn more about flooding and managed wetlands, click here.

Road Updates

All Visitors and volunteers please be advised of road closures in the area. The directions below will provide you with access to the Preserve. The Preserve will remain open during these closures.

Access to the Preserve from Highway 99

  1. Exit at Stockton Blvd/Twin Cities offramp. Exit 277.
  2. Take Twin Cities Westbound for approximately 7 miles.
  3. Turn left onto Bruceville Rd.
  4. Merge right onto Desmond Rd. Go over the railroad tracks.
  5. Take a left onto Franklin and the Visitor Center will be 1 mile south on the left-hand side.

Access to the Preserve from Interstate 5

  1. Exit at Thornton Rd. Exit 493.
  2. Go west on Walnut Grove Rd for approximately 1 1/2 miles.
  3. Turn right onto Blossom Rd.
  4. In approximately 3 miles turn right onto Barber Rd. Go under the freeway.
  5. Turn left onto Cameron Rd.
  6. In 2 miles turn left onto Thornton/Franklin Rd. The Visitor Center will be 1 mile north on the right-hand side.