In order for us to keep Cosumnes River Preserve a safe and healthy place for wildlife, plants, and visitors, please follow our code of ethics. Together, we can ensure the Preserve is protected for years to come!

The Preserve is open from 9-5 everyday including weekends and holidays.

Dogs, cats, and other pets tend to chase or scare the wildlife that we are here to protect. Please leave your pets at home.

Leave the Preserve better than how you found it. Pack out all of your trash and help clean up any trash you see along the way.

The trails on the Preserve are intended for walking only. Please lock up your bike at the Visitor Center.

Wondering off the trail can be harmful to your safety and causes erosion. It can take years for the natural vegetation to recover.  Always stay on designated, marked trails.

When you scare birds and make them fly, they expend energy that they could otherwise use for migration and breeding. The more you scare, the fewer there will be next year.

Not only can cigarettes create more litter, but they can cause fires. Smoking, fires, and camping are not permitted on the Preserve for the safety of the wildlife and visitors.

Fishing and hunting may ONLY be done from a boat on navigable rivers and sloughs with appropriate permits. You may not fish on the banks or hunt anywhere by foot on the Preserve.

It can be tempting to pick up rocks, feathers, plants, or even animals to take home. However, if everyone did it, we would have nothing left on the Preserve.  Collecting is not permitted, so please leave them where you found them.