Event: Oak Forest Photo Tour

Oak Forest Photo Tour

During this special tour, come explore the oak savanna and forest with a Cosumnes volunteer photographer.

This is a class to expand the photographer’s perception of his subject, in this case the Valley Oaks of the Cosumnes savanna.  Participants will be able to visit oak areas off the public trails and experiment with the various ways to “see” and photograph trees.  The photo shoot will provide an opportunity to apply compositional elements and enhance artistic decisions while in the field.

The tour will leave the Visitor Center at 7:00 AM as it takes about 45 minutes to walk to the savanna, especially considering the equipment we’ll be carrying.  We’ll head directly out to the site, shoot for about three hours, then head back to the Visitor Center at a slower pace.

If you sign up for the tour, your email address will be given to the leader who will confirm details a few days prior to the tour details.  Rain will cancel and if necessary, the leader will send an email the morning of the tour.

Technical and composition elements that may be covered:

  1. Impact of light direction
  2. Leading lines
  3. Decision to use black & white
  4. Seeing texture
  5. Intimate scenes vs scenics
  6. Horizontal vs vertical perspective
  7. Capturing the “sense of place”
  8. Understanding and using the histogram and “blinkies” in playback
  9. Depth of field decisions

What won’t be addressed:  Instructions on camera settings.

What participants need to know to get the most out of the experience:

  1. How to set your camera to Raw
  2. How to set your camera to monochrome
  3. How to set your display to show highlights (blinkies)
  4. How to set your display to show the histogram
  5. How use manual, aperture preferred, speed preferred modes
  6. How to set exposure compensation

What to bring

  1. Your manual if you need to, especially if you’re not completely comfortable with #1-6 above.
  2. Tripod:  we will be shooting in low light at times.
  3. Wide-angle, mid- and long-range zoom (s)
  4. Polarizer
  5. Lens cleaning cloth
  6. Extra batteries (low light, long exposures use more battery power)
  7. Garden knee pad (optional)
  8. Shoes and pants that can handle dewy, tall grass.

“I value the idea of getting lost in ‘looking’…a type of looking for it’s own sake.”  – Uta Barth

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