Event: 27th Annual Butterfly Survey


Butterflies…we see them everywhere, fluttering and floating from one flower to the next.  But how often do you stop and think about these funny insects?  Did you know that monarch butterflies can migrate over 2,000 miles?  How about that the top flight speed for a butterfly is 12 miles per hour?  And that many butterflies can actually taste with their feet?  Those are some interesting facts and there are plenty more to be discovered.

Butterflies have a vital role in nature.  As pollinators, they help to ensure that plants reproduce.  They are key players in our regions food web; especially as caterpillars when they are eaten by a variety of birds.  They are also fun to observe, whether you are in your backyard, local park or the wilderness.

The Preserve needs your help in learning more about the butterflies that live in the Central Valley.  Join the Cosumnes River Preserve for its annual Butterfly Count which covers all public trails around the Visitor Center.  Help to capture (then release), identify and catalog the numbers of more than twenty species that live in this area.  In years past, volunteers were able to collect more than a thousand butterflies along the 4.5 miles of trails.

The Cosumnes Butterfly Count takes place on Saturday, June 15th and starts at 9:00 a.m.  Participants should meet at the Visitor Center deck, located at 13501 Franklin Blvd. (directions are available on the website).  Collecting will continue until approximately 1:00 p.m. Participants should bring water, lunch and snacks, sunscreen, and dress appropriately for being outdoors. Insect repellent, identification charts and a limited number of butterfly nets will be provided.

Registration through eventbrite is required

For more information please e-mail veselkaa@saccounty.net