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Cosumnes River Preserve Visitor Center
13501 Franklin Blvd.  Galt, CA 95632

General Information Line
Phone: 916-684-2816
Fax: 916-683-1702
Email: info@cosumnes.org

Preserve Manager: Harry McQuillen
For information on agricultural operations and other management issues
Phone: 916-684-2816
Email: hmcquill@blm.gov

Outreach, Recreation and
Volunteer Coordinator: Kyle Bowlin

For information on volunteer activities, recreation, upcoming events, boy scout projects
Phone: 916-684-2816
Email: bowlink@saccounty.net

Service Learning Coordinator: John Durand
For information on school programs and field trip scheduling
Phone: 916-683-1703
Email: jdurand@galt.k12.ca.us

Restoration Ecologist: Sara Sweet
For scientific inquiries, research and environmental science questions
Phone: 916-683-1767
Email: ssweet@tnc.org

Site Coordinator: Alex Cabrera
For information maintenance
Phone: 916-670-9461
Email: acabrera@tnc.org

Wildlife Biologist: Mark Ackerman
For information on wildlife and wildlife biology
Phone: 916-684-5083
Email: mackerma@blm.gov

Wildlife Biologist: Patrick Moffett
For information on wildlife and wildlife biology
Phone: 916-542-3139
Email: Pmoffett@blm.gov