Code of Ethics (Rules)

Stay safe and protect vegetation.

The trails are provided for your enjoyment as well as for your safety.
We invite you to explore until your heart’s content as long as it is from one of the approved access trails.

Protect our wildlife.

We love dogs and cats but they tend to chase or scare the wildlife that we are here to protect.
Please leave your pets at home.

Pets are prohibited from entering the Reserve, except when they remain inside of a motor vehicle.
CCR TITLE 14 630(h)(16)

Keep the Preserve clean.

 Help others enjoy the Preserve by leaving no trace. Pack out all trash that you bring in. We encourage you to pick up other’s trash along the way as well.

Allow the environment to thrive.

 Remember that you are a temporary visitor on planet Earth. Please do your part to leave the planet in a better condition than when you found it. Pick up trash as you go and please don’t collect rocks, feathers, or any other items that are a part of the Preserve.

Walk the trails, not ride.

 The trails on the Preserve are intended for walking only, which means no riding bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. If you ride your bike to the Preserve, please lock up your bike at the Visitor Center before entering the trails.

Keep the birds happy.

 When you scare birds and make them fly they expend energy that they could otherwise use for migration and breeding.
The more you scare them the fewer there will be next year when you come visit.