Conflicting Agendas

Competition for resources: what we learn at the Cosumnes that we can apply at home is that the conflict between the goals of “Tree Huggers” and the needs of the wild things that live around us all produces conflict. Is that a mouthful or what? The following example of just two players’ roles in this interconnected puzzle illustrates how hard it can be for HRT to make things right: Here at the Cosumnes, we erect

Looking Up or Looking Down

Looking Up or Looking Down

By Joe Watson What you see when you come out to volunteer with The Habitat restoration Team (HRT) depends on whether you’re looking up or down. Saturday’s job description required looking up and trimming some overreaching branches along our public pathways. With loppers and pruners in hand, the crew headed out across The Savanna on a spectacular sunny day. Looking down, HRT members Vic and Jane pointed out some native wildflowers and grasses to our

Pesticide Training 2020

A dozen volunteers showed up for the all day class this Saturday to learn that the chemicals we use at The Preserve are less toxic than coffee and Tylenol. I think that means I will have to wear rubber gloves and a face mask the next time I drink a cup for coffee and take a pill for a headache. Then we had to endure a complementary Nature Conservancy hot breakfast of pastries, tamales, and

2019 HRT Annual Review of Projects

This January found us in the midst of the closure by the Federal Government on portions of The Cosumnes River Preserve. In order to make the visitors experience at The Cosumnes possible during this time, the volunteers from The Nature Conservancy provided and maintained the PortaPotties outside of the visitor center. The PortaPotties had to be moved to and from the parking lot of the VC so that the vendor could clean and service them.